Frequently Asked Questions About Cavapoos, Maltipoos, and Cockapoos

What kind of food is my puppy eating?

We feed Health Extensions Little Bites puppy food and we will send a 1 pound bag with you to get you started.

What paperwork do you provide along with the puppy?

We send a document listing all the shots he has been given so far as well as the dewormers and this is to be taken along to the vet on the first visit. A contract that lists our guarantees, a vet health certificate, feeding & crating recommendations, and a receipt.

What shots has my puppy been given?

  • 5 weeks - Neopar
  • 7 weeks - DaPPv
  • 9 weeks - DaPPv

If we have the puppy past 9 weeks, we give another DaPPv shot at 12 weeks.

When should I take my puppy to the vet?

For our guarantees to be valid, we ask that you take your puppy to the vet within the first 10 days.

Do you have a list of supplies I should be getting in preparation for my puppy?

Yes see Puppy Care or email me & I can send it to you.

Do you potty train your Cavapoos, Maltipoos, and Cockapoos puppies?

No, I do not offer potty training. See more details in Puppy Care.

How big will my puppy be full grown?

We estimate based on the parents sizes, however, keep in mind, that it is only an estimate & your puppy may get bigger or stay smaller.

Is a Maltipoo/Cavapoo/Cockapoo a good fit for an apartment?

All three breeds are small and will adapt well to apartment life. The maltipoo will do well getting his exercise indoors, but I would still recommend a short daily walk outside for fresh air & exercise. Cavapoos should have a daily walk as well, for exercise & to keep them in good health. The cockapoo is a little more spunky & also bigger than the other two breeds & definitely will need a daily walk to get sufficient exercise to keep him well-behaved.

When is my puppy ready to go home?

We do not release our puppies till 9 weeks of age. We feel they adjust better in their new home if they are here with us a little longer. And sometimes, depending on the size of the puppy, we may decide to keep him longer.

Can I pick my puppy up earlier than 9 weeks?


When can I visit to pick out my puppy?

We do not allow visitors before the puppies have had their first shot at 5 weeks. After they have had their first shot, you are welcome to set up an appointment to visit & choose a puppy.

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