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Professional Cavapoo, Maltipoo & Cockapoo Breeder of Pennsylvania


Welcome to Country Lane Paws- where you will find good-natured Cavapoos, smart little Maltipoo's, and fun-loving cockapoos. Most of our puppies are the first generation (F1) cross between purebreds. With these three poodle designers, there is minimal shedding and they are considered hypoallergenic. All our adults are DNA genetically tested for genetic diseases relevant to the breed, so you can have the confidence that your puppy will be free from inherited genetic diseases. In addition to that, we also offer a two-year genetic guarantee for every puppy for your added insurance. Our number one goal- is to raise healthy puppies and for you to have a wonderful experience with adopting your new fur companion. We look forward to helping you find just the right fit for your family!

Our special color is red! You will find that we will often have red Cavapoos & cockapoos. The other colors we have are branches of red- apricots & tans. However, since the Maltese are white, our Maltipoo's are usually light-colored.

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Our Dogs Health

Why Choose Us?

At Country Lane Paws we believe health and socialization are top priorities. We strive to raise healthy, well-adjusted puppies to provide the best fur companion for all age groups.

  • DNA health tested parents- All our adults are DNA tested through Paw Print Genetics to ensure we are not passing on inherited genetic diseases
  • Two-year genetic guarantee- All our puppies go home with a two-year genetic guarantee.
  • Family raised and socialized with children- Our puppies are handled and loved from birth.
  • Regular health exams- Our adult dogs are examined from head to tail twice a year and all our puppies are health examined before going to their new homes.
  • Support after you take your puppy home- We are here for the life of your puppy. We are always happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have after you take your puppy home
  • Picking choice- We offer three different poodle designers. Cavapoos, Cockapoos, & Maltipoos. Each of these three designers offers unique personalities & sizes.
  • Low Shedding, Hypo-Allergenic- All three breeds are crossed with the poodle, which then creates a low-shedding hypo-allergenic puppy
How are our puppies socialized?

How Are Our Puppies Socialized?

As soon as our puppies are born and open their eyes they are being socialized.  My young sons get to hold them under supervision. At 4 weeks old, we begin bringing them into the house to be introduced to family life. They romp and play with our children, sleep in our living room for nap time, and are allowed supervised playtime throughout the house. We want our puppies to be confident, happy, easily able to adapt to new surroundings.


Where We Are Located

Country Lane Paws is situated on a 60-acre organic farm in central Pennsylvania. We are located 1.5 hours north of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and 1 hour east of State College.
Our farm is in a lovely valley called Buffalo Valley. Beautiful mountains rise up on both sides of us and many farms dot the valley. If you are looking to take a scenic drive while coming for your puppy, you will get to experience it coming here!

We are within driving distance from Maryland, New Jersey, & New York & specifically New York City. Make your visit to Country Lane Paws a weekend getaway to the beautiful Pennsylvania countryside!

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